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How did you two meet?

Our lovestory started in the hospital that we both worked at. Tejal was starting his first year as a first-year resident and Alex was a young and popular nurse. They both shared patients together in the hospital and friends out of the hospital to where they enjoyed time as friends for atleast a year.

How long have you been together?

We have been together for 5 years now.

What is unique about your relationship?

Is there anything that might surprise people? We are both individuals who came from different backgrounds, back stories, cultures, families, and experiences yet we remarkably have many similarities and work great together.

How did he/she propose? What was special about it?

Tejal had reservations for a happy hour at a luxurious rooftop bar in the city after work. He was pushing Alex to get ready in time because she didn't know their immediate family was waiting at the bar. He brought her to their balcony under the guise of taking a picture. He told her if she could fix the balcony couch cushions before they left and there was a love story book that was under it. They both sat down and read through the book which highlighted how much they love each other in their relationship. The proposal was on the last page where Alex said yes! They hurried to the rooftop bar to celebrate with family for the rest of the night!

What was it about your wedding that made it your “dream wedding?”

It was our dream wedding because it encompassed both of our personal styles and interests with both sides of our family and friends.

When was the wedding?

Our wedding was Nov 14th 2021

Any other fun facts you can share?

The couple had two ceremonies: one western and one Indian. HOTEL DU PONT was honored to host the traditional Indian celebration.

Photography: Wander and Range

Wedding Cake: Spark'd Creative Pastry

Florals: Allix Jean Florals

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