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Know about Hotel Du Pont, Wilmington

An Icon Made Modern

To step inside the HOTEL DU PONT is to become a part of the past, present and future. The architectural icon and internationally renowned hotel has many stories to tell. Situated at the intersection of 11th and Market in downtown Wilmington, the heart of Delaware's picturesque Brandywine Valley, today the HOTEL DU PONT welcomes a new generation of travelers.
An Icon of style, Wilmington

Gilded Age Style

Once the headquarters for the DuPont Company, the building is a landmark example of Italian Renaissance architecture. Rich in history and tradition, today's guests are transported back to the Gilded Age, an era of elegance and style. Gathering spaces fill the hotel from the extraordinary Gold Ballroom to Le Cavalier, a perfect mix of old-world sophistication and contemporary sensibility. HOTEL DU PONT honors its legendary past while delivering effortlessly modern hospitality.

Our History

The twelve-story Italian Renaissance building debuted in 1913 after a two-and-a-half-year construction process that was a true labor of love. French and Italian craftsmen carved, gilded, and painted this extraordinarily detailed architectural gem. From the lobby's lavish splendor to the shimmering majesty of the Gold Ballroom, the craftmanship is truly awe-inspiring.

After opening, the hotel instantly earned international fame, rivaling the finest hotels in New York and Europe while serving as the financial and social epicenter for the Wilmington elite. Expansion of the property in 1918 brought the additions of the Du Barry Room, the Gold Ballroom, and the theatre, now known as the Playhouse on Rodney Square.

Throughout its more than 100-year history, the hotel has undergone thoughtful renovations and updates to accommodate present-day preferences and prepare for the future while staying true to our past. In 2018, we transformed the look and energy of the lobby with a design that encourages guests to gather in beautiful common spaces.

The Green Room Bar was also redesigned to be more relaxed and inviting, bringing an exciting new vibe to the hotel's grand public space. The lobby and Green Room Bar received a nouveau Victorian-inspired makeover to energize the space, creating a welcoming destination for travelers and groups to relax in the grandeur.


HOTEL DU PONT is a member of both Preferred Hotels & Resorts and Historic Hotels Worldwide®.

Our history, Wilmington
Grand architecture, Wilmington

Grand Architecture

HOTEL DU PONT is the epitome of grandeur with stunning architecture and interiors that will take your breath away. Imported European chandeliers, hand-carved wood, and terrazzo floors surround you in vintage fashion. The Gold Ballroom has two twelve-foot-high walnut doors engraved with peacocks and urns. The walls showcase sgraffito, a "scratching" technique that was popular during the Italian Renaissance.